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In The Spirit of Love

In The Spirit of Love

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At the age of 24 when life should have just been beginning, a young lady finds herself in a whirlwind health diagnosis determined to take her life. Wondering how in the blink of an eye life can suddenly take a turn for the worse, she faced things that most cannot imagine enduring...

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B2G Team


Ammie L. PetersAmmie L. Peters – A Life Coach, inspirational author and speaker whose passion is to touch each and every heart with Love, Hope and Inspiration. She is a mother of two, Tyler and Samantha, and currently resides in Illinois. Growing up in a small Indiana town, she began writing poems as a teenager but had no idea she would later be a published author. Her creative writings started after receiving many miracles while facing death multiple times due to a rare blood disorder diagnosis at the age of 24. She understands the precious gift of Life and wants to encourage others to embrace the Blessings and Miracles that surround them each and every day.

Art (Illustrator/Photography) Team:

Joe PribleJarett DeWitt - an illustrator for the Special Series. Born in Oak Lawn, Illinois but growing up in Orland Park. Jarett has been drawing since as young as he could pick up a pencil. Without any formal art classes, drawing has always come natural to him. Although drawing is his passion, he also enjoys playing sports with his friends and throwing a ball around with his dad.

Joe Prible -Joe Prible a freelance photographer who resides in Orland Park, Illinois. His journey began in his early adult years entering photo contests. They quickly recognized his gift through the awarding of a blue ribbon. There is nothing more satisfying to Joe than seeing one of his photographs bring joy to another. He and his wife, Pam, have three children and four grandchildren. His passion for photography came from a deep appreciation of nature and what beauty it brings to all of us on a daily basis.
Lanetta R. FoxLanetta R. Fox – freelance illustrator for the Abby Series. Growing up in Chicago, Lanetta began drawing and sketching things as far back as she can remember. She authored and illustrated her first children’s book in 2009, “Painted Shapes What Will They Make?” Lanetta regularly creates portraits, murals and paintings. She is a mom to two beautiful girls and resides in Orland Park, Illinois.
Kristy CostelloKristy Costello – A freelance photographer who feels at peace behind the camera taking photos of children, animals and families to be used in a way that might be uplifting or help convey the messages of faith, love and spirituality. Kristy has always loved photography and how it puts her in touch with the beauty of life around her. She currently lives in New Lenox, Illinois with her husband and two children. They enjoy taking family road trips where they can explore the country and be free of every day stress; this is when Kristy feels most creative.

Business Program Team:

Kathy DavisKathy Davis - Since the time she was in high school, Kathy has had a passion for wanting to help troubled teens. She was blessed with an opportunity to work for an organization that provides non-residential care to teens and their families. She was able to bring much needed counsel and love to hurting teens and their parents for 4 years. She volunteers at teen centers sharing her beautiful heart and bringing healing to these hurting teens who feel their life has been shattered. She is currently building programs such as Next Stop, Next Step specifically designed for hurting teens, young adults and women.

Health / Fitness Team:

Camilla Saban – Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. To look at her, you would never know there was a time she wasn’t in shape. Through faith, diet and exercise, she was able to turn her life around and is inspired to help each person do the same. Cam leads by example and brings love, enthusiasm, and energy to her clients. She has a passion to help others reach goals that they didn’t think were possible while inspiring them through the beautiful spirit of who she is. She has completed more than 500 hours in Personal Training programs. Her certifications include Personal Training, Group Fitness, Cycle, Yoga, Nutrition, CPR and First Aid.