Is Life Coaching for you?

Life Coaching truly is for pretty much everyone. It will help you to understand how you see things and how that impacts every part of your life. It will help you to find your true identity underneath all of the layers your experiences in the world have placed upon you. It will help you to identify areas in your life that are toxic thus preventing movement, growth and healing in your life. It will help you become a better you in all areas of your life including your relationships and your career.

Some questions to ask:

Do you wonder what your purpose is?

Do you feel empty and alone no matter how many people may be around you?

Do you feel discouraged more than encouraged?

Do you feel like you’re stressed to the point of exhaustion and don’t know how you are going to go on?

Do you feel like you’ve wasted your whole life and if you would have done things differently you might have a chance at the life you have always wanted?

Do you often worry about “WHAT IF”?

Do you find in moments when things are going great that you can’t fully enjoy it because you are waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Do you feel no one respects you or values your opinion?

If you answered “yes” to 1 or more of these questions then Life Sessions with Ammie will help you understand how you are perceiving things and how that perception paints the reality of the world you are living in.

People accept what they feel they deserve so it’s time for you to understand all that you DO deserve.

Take the plunge and say “I DO”:

I DO deserve to be happy.

I DO deserve to be loved.

I DO deserve to have the life I’ve always hoped I would have.

It is never too early or too late to develop a positive perspective, discover your purpose, or begin believing it IS possible to obtain and begin walking into the life intended specifically for you.

Ammie L. Peters, the founder of Blessings 2 Good, Inc., wants to actively help people through coaching. She is a certified Life Coach. To access her coaching site, please click here.